Laura Wolfe

My friend, Laura Wolfe, is currently going through Stage 4 cancer treatments, with cancer having spread to her organs already.  When asked what we can do to make things easier for her, she mentioned some basic items, like a blender, small TV, etc.    The TV is being donated, and we’re currently in the process of taking collections so that we can obtain other requested items for Laura, as well as turn the remainder of the donations over to her for whatever she needs.

I will find out if Laura is OK with me posting her updates here, but in the meanwhile please donate what you can and Kayoko and I will coordinate getting your donations, and our purchases, to Laura.  EVEN A DOLLAR WILL HELP, BECAUSE IT ALL ADDS UP – CLICK ON THE “DONATE” BUTTON BELOW PLEASE!

Here’s a link to the post where I asked Laura to post updates –

Thank you!!!


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