Hate It!!! Obama repealing the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Policy

October 11, 2009


Real Estate First the government tried to “fix” our economy by imposing all these foreclosure moratoriums and Short Sale rules.   As a result, instead of the economy (specifically real estate) going through its normal 11-13 year cycle, nobody can even predict what is going on with the real estate, or which way it’s going to turn.   What we ended up with is 40-60 multiple offers on every property listed, and over-inflated prices that the property can’t even appraise for, etc.  As my friend John McKinney pointed out, the last time a president tried fiddling with the economy, it extended the Great Depression until WWII, which was almost 10 years.   Not that I’m complaining, since as a real estate investors, I’d like the Real Estate market to stay in the dumps a little longer, so I can acquire more properties for long term hold.

Now President Obama is trying to ban the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy in the military, as stated by the Associated Press  in http://tinyurl.com/yfhatv9. I respect our Commander-in-Chief as such, but  as far as I am concerned, banning the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy is only going to cause problems and controversy.  Our military guys need to concentrate on staying alive, not deal with the political crap that’s going to appease a very small minority of the population.   I’m hoping the reason Obama is not giving a timeline for the ban is because he realizes this is not a good time to mess with the established military policies.

Has anyone considered the consequences?   What are they going to do – set up two more sets of sleeping quarters for the lesbians and the homosexuals?   Set up separate bathrooms for them?  I’m sure the straight guys and gals are not going to want to be housed in the same sleeping facilities as the gays and lesbians.  And what about the gay people being totally singled out and outcast, now that everyone knows who they are?    What about the comradarie they need to feel while in combat?

I realize that individual sexual preferences should be accepted by EVERYONE, but I’m afraid it’s a little different in the military, and as I said before – nobody needs the distractions this controversy is going to bring.    Leave it alone, and don’t try to appease a small minority for a few extra popular votes.  It’s the military, not a high school or a workplace, and people’s lives are at stake.

Angella  @ www.AngellaRaisian.com

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