Affiliate Marketing Explained – Part III

Affiliate Marketing Benefits

Affiliate marketing is an extremely advantageous arrangement for both the marketer and the affiliate. In the case of the merchant, he gets added exposure (and sales) for no more cost and any cost (commission) only arises when sales occur.  Additionally, he can have as many affiliates as he chooses, all of which will bring in passive income. From the affiliates point of view, he does not need to find a product, web site, sales letter or support. His only task is to promote the merchants product by advertising, etc.  Additionally for him, he can be an affiliate of as many merchants as he wishes.

All in all affiliate marketing can be a cost effective way for the merchant to expand his business and an inexpensive and quick way for an affiliate to start a business of his own. It is a partnership where each party, by working together, can build themselves a profitable and long-lasting business.

Article Source: by Brian Hunter

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