Old Soviet Propaganda Videos – Pretty Cool

January 28, 2011


I was just singing this song on my way to work a weeka go. When I was in summer camp 35 years ago in Latvia, they made us march & sing it EVERY morning, & the darn song is still stuck in my head…

Looks like the last WWII Berlin battle @the Reichstag

Soviet Navy Song

Moscow defenders’ song

Looks like Afghanistan, & real people they’re killing…

Russian folk song… a war song that was sung during WWII

#1 Soviet female sniper during WWII – killed 300+ Nazi’s. Lyudmila Pavlichenko spent the first year of World War Two in constant combat as a front line sniper of Red Army. Wounded four times she survived the terrible sieges of Odessa and Sebastopol by taking some 309 axis soldiers with her rifle. In September 1942 she embarked with the Soviet Military Delegation to the United States, Canada and Great Britain. She was the first Soviet citizen to be received at the White House where she had dinner with President Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor who took very well to the Soviet soldier. She visited 43 North American cities and gave hundreds of speeches.

One of my grandpas was Russian, and the German doctor kept returning to my grandparents’ farm to work on the burns grandpa received while running barefoot across a burning floor. This was during the German WWII occupation of Latvia

Some German propaganda against americans

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