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November 5, 2011

Self-Directed IRAs

Alternative investments: What Advisors are Using

  • Investment News, 08/09/2011

Mixed Up on the Right Asset Mix

  • SmartMoney, 03/30/2011

Benefits of a ROTH IRA Conversion

  • Tom Anderson, 01/08/2011

Rescuing Real Estate

  • Linda Stern, Newsweek, 11/04/2009 -How baby boomers are reigniting the housing market. The battered housing market is getting some help from an unlikely source: retirees.

NYC Real Estate Expo Undeterred by Tough Times

  • Charlotte Cuthbertson, The Epoch Times, 10/16/2009 -Despite an economic environment that makes selling property as hard as walking through molasses, the executive director of the NYC Real Estate Expo is upbeat.

Cattle, Fish Business Make Up Alternative IRAs

  • Joe Mont,, 09/22/2009 -Some Americans are using their Individual Retirement Accounts to invest in cattle, sports teams and restaurants, betting they can make more money than in the stock and bond markets.

Savvy buyers use self-directed IRA to buy homes

  • Carolyn Said,, 09/01/2009-  Nathan Foran used his self-directed IRA to buy a dilapidated foreclosed house in Richmond for $25,000 cash.

Self-Directed IRA A Good Bet?

  • Marcia Passos Duffy, CNBC/, 12/10/2008 -If you recently watched your individual retirement account or 401(k) drop by double digits, you may wonder if there is a better way to sock away money in an uncertain economy.

Putting an I.R.A. to Work in Ventures Beyond Stocks

  • Deborah L. Jacobs,, 10/22/2008 – At a time when many I.R.A. portfolios are being battered by poor stock market returns, it is tempting to look for ways to replenish the coffers.

When Stocks Tank, Some Investors Stampede to Alpacas and Turn to Drink

  • Jennifer Levitz, The Wall Street Journal, 10/03/2008 – Who can blame an investor for taking to the bottle? Andy Pick, a 49-year-old stay-at-home father in Atlanta, recently bypassed the stock market for liquid assets — $120,000 in champagnes.

Why you should consider alternative assets in your client’ retirement portfolios, and how do you get paid for doing so?

  • Tom Anderson,, 04/25/2008 – You can save quite a bit of time on this topic by simply accepting the value assumption that the inclusion of alternative assets in client portfolios may, on average, improve the portfolios’ performance over time.

Investors tap retirement savings to make real estate bets

  • Janet Morrissey,, 03/31/2008 -Where some see devastation and loss, others see opportunity. At least that is the situation for investors using little-known, self-directed individual retirement savings accounts to invest in the battered real estate market.

Why Limit Your IRA or Pension Plan to Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds?

  • PR Web Press Release, 03/18/2008 -Rollover or transfer your IRA or 401(k) to invest in real estate, notes, private equity, hedge funds and more with a self-directed IRA.

Take Charge of your Retirement Account Investments Interview

  • Tom Anderson Interview by Paula Straub, Simply Wealth, 02/25/2008 -Do you actually want to retire at some point of time? Are you going to actually be able to? Will you have enough money set aside?

Why to Choose a Self-Directed IRA

  • Farnoosh Torabi, The Street, 10/23/2007 -Interested in a retirement-friendly, tax-deferred way to invest in, say, reality TV? How about a beach house in Malibu or a burger franchise in Eastern Europe? Well, self-directed IRAs can help.

Alternative IRA is Good Deal for Some

John P. Napolitano, ThirdAge, 09/21/2007 -Say the words Individual Retirement Account and most people automatically think in terms of an IRA where investments are made in the stock market or mutual funds.

Using Their IRAs to Make Home Loans

  • Kelly Greene, The Wall Street Journal, 09/11/2007 -In the midst of the mortgage meltdown, some lenders are actually rooting for foreclosures: investors who make mortgage loans with their IRAs.

Self-Directed IRA Diversification

  • Trista Winnie, NuWire Investor, 08/20/2007 -What do boat slips, fishing rights for sablefish in Alaska and seahorse farming have in common? Water, for one thing. More importantly, they are all investment possibilities within a self-directed IRA (individual retirement account).

Starting or Funding a Business With a Self-Directed IRA

  • Tom Anderson, 07/26/2007 -Over the past 18 years, PENSCO Trust Company has helped thousands of individuals start or acquire businesses, ranging from community banks to fish farms, with funds from their IRAs.

Using Real Estate to Build Your Retirement Portfolio

  • Marla Brill, MarketWatch, 05/04/2007 -Four years ago, Vincent McCord was approached by a developer about investing in the construction of a Las Vegas shopping center.

Don’t Overlook Alternative Assets in Retirement Planning

  • Bruce Sankin, Investors Alley, 06/04/2007 -If you are interested in purchasing real estate, private stock or a private note for investment purposes, but don’t think you have enough cash on hand consider the following.

Take Charge of your IRA

  • Jeanne Lee, FSB Magazine, 05/30/2007 -Last November, Dave Hanrahan, 37, of Vineland, N.J., decided to try something different to improve the returns in his retirement account.

Raise Money Using A Self-Directed IRA

  • Asheesh Avanti, Entrepreneur Magazine, 05/11/2007 -Some Americans are using their Individual Retirement Accounts to invest in cattle, sports teams and restaurants, betting they can make more money than in the stock and bond markets.

Wary of Stocks? Property Is an IRA Option

  • Vivian Marino, New York Times Online, 06/29/2005 -Like many other investors, Ray Matteson, an executive at a data-processing company, was caught in the dot-com maelstrom of the late 1990’s, except that his losses were on a far grander scale than most – about $3 million by his calculations and all of it in a retirement account.

Using an IRA to Buy Real Estate

  • Vivian Marino, New York Times Online, 04/17/2005  -For years, Jack Povoa kept all his retirement money in the stock market and watched as his investments grew, on average, 12 to 15 percent annually, a return many other investors would envy.

Getting (Real) Estate in your IRA

  • Robert Powell, Marketwatch, 12/09/2004 -Tired of putting your IRA money into the same old investments — stocks, bonds and mutual funds?

Outside Protection: Real Estate in an IRA? It’s possible if your wealthy clients use an outside custodian. Here’s how to make the most of self-directed IRA accounts.

  • Tony Chapelle, On Wall Street, 09/01/2004 -Would you like to turbo-charge your clients’ IRAs, Keoghs and 401(k) plans? These qualified savings plans usually are synonymous with investments in stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

IRA Adventures: You want to invest in a hot new business, but your money is sitting in an IRA. Surprise; You can use it

  • Ashlea Ebeling, Forbes Magazine, 10/04/2004 -Peter Frankling tapped an unusual source to fund his new business, which makes hot-dog-shaped ice cream treats known as Cool Dogs: Two investors, one a friend and the other a professional venture capitalist, put in more than $100,000 each from their Individual Retirement Accounts.

Self-Directed IRAs Allow Investors to Dabble in Real Estate

  • Tom Anderson, Boston Business Journal, 05/30/2003 -With corporate scandals, weak earnings and an uncertain economy, more and more IRA owners are seeking alternative investments.


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