How To Rent Out Your Property Without Showing It

How To Rent Out Your Property Without Showing It – In my previous post titled “How To Market Your Properties With the Address in the Domain Name”, I talked about Single Property Sites (SPS) service that I use to create websites for renting out or leasing my properties, with the physical property address being the domain name.

Using SPS allows me to put the marketing of the property on “autopilot”, and not have to show it until I have a tenant who’s been prequalified.  Once I pre-approve the tenant, I let then go and look a the interior of the unit, and they can  make up t heir mind.

Here’s how I do it:

  • I upload the application, and the instructions on how to apply on-line at the SPS website
  • I explain that the carpets have been cleaned, and we’re not allowing people in and out, but the window blinds are open and the unit can be seen through the windows
  • I upload a ton of photos, as well, and tell them they’ll get a pretty good idea of the property conditions between looking through the windows and looking at the photos
  • I ask potential renter to read the instructions, download a free credit report, and e-fax everything to me for  pre-approval
  • Once they are pre-approved, I tell them I’ll give them lockbox code to go into the unit. If they like the unit, they need to sign the lease and give me a deposit to hold the unit

Most of the renters are glad to hear that they will be moving into a clean unit and it has not been tracked through by dozens of others.

I also have no problem giving them the lockbox combo because I have all of their personal info on-file, and they know it.  In most cases, once a person gets pre-approved and looks at the unit, there’s no reason for them not to take it, so only one renter ends up viewing the property.

By the way, you can upload videos on SPS, too.   Click on the image below to go to their website. Remember – you can create your flyer for FREE, and show or e-mail it to potential renters or clients (if you’re a Realtor), without having to pay a penny, so try it out.  Here’s a link to SPS website where you can sign up:

Market Your Property on Internet

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