Get Thousands of Followers on Twitter Automatically

August 27, 2010


Get Thousands of Followers on Twitter Automatically by using TweetAdder and setting your account on autopilot to follow and unfollow hundreds of people per day. It can also send out automated (RSS) Tweets from your favorite websites, so you don’t have to log in every day & tweet something new. I use a FREE service called TwitterFeed to do that. But the new version of TweetAdder that came out now has that RSS Feed feature.

Basically, you want to build a large list of followers in your niche, so you only target those people that have relevant keywords in their profile – Real Estate, Social Media, Financial Planner, etc. By setting your TweetAdder to follow these people, majority of them will follow you back, which in another easy way to build your Buyer/Seller list. When you have something to promote, you send it to your followers and a percentage of them will respond.

Check out my Twitter account as an example: AngellaRaisian or the chart below is an example of how my follower number increased after I added TweetAdder. And I only have it enabled less than half the time. Imagine if you ran it 24/7…

By the way, I have TweetAdder set up to send out a link to this post, once a day, to my Twitter account. Can you say Affiliate Marketing?

Click on the image below for more TweetAdder info.

Write your questions in the comments section of this post, if you want to know what an RSS Feed is, how to use TweetAdder, or have any questions about the specifics of how to use it.


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