VA Vendee Program Contact Info

Click HERE to download the VA Vendee Program Flyer.  See the previous two posts for all of the additional info (and people’s experiences) you might need.

The website to look at property selection is

Here’s a direct line to my Loan Officer – she has been very helpful:

Samye Carter
Mortgage Loan Officer
Purchase Division
800-850-7655 Ext 1562135
Fax 866-373-9498
The regular number for VA Vendee Financing department is 800-816-4346.
va vendee financing program

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One Response to “VA Vendee Program Contact Info”

  1. Angella Says:

    I listed VA REOs for a couple of years in the Ocwen days. The Vendee Financing was also attractive for investors at that time, but it was really under utilized. On the Offer Form there was a penalty based on a percentage of the amount financed through the Vendee program. I can not remember exact details but I believe it was about 5%. If that is accurate, a bidder wanting Vendee Fiinancing on $200,000 would need to bid $10,000 higher than (pay a premium over) someone getting other financing to be competetive.
    If you combine the penalty/premium, with the 2.25% funding fee and (if costs stated above are correct) $2500 closing costs plus another $2000 for an owners title policy (approximate NM rate for $220,000) the property and the financing needs to be a strong long term keeper to amortize costs.
    I just wrote an offer this week for a client on a VA REO, looking for Vendee Financing. The listing agent assistant did not seem to know what Vendee Financing was. It was difficult including those terms in our standard Purchase Agreement. I thought VA would still be using its own Offer Form, but that is not what I was instructed.

    Matt Peters
    Posted by Matt Peters

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