FREE Anti-Virus and Malware Programs That Worked For Me!

FREE Anti-Virus and Malware Programs That Worked For Me!

These are the  FREE anti-virus and malware detection programs that finally worked in fixing my laptop, which had all kinds of “hijack” viruses on it, & wouldn’t allow me to connect to IE.

The Trend Micro USA downloads  programs  finally fixed what MalWareBytes, Norton, & SpyBot Search&Destroy couldn’t fix on my laptop.  So I’ve personally tried them all on my laptop, and none of them contain viruses or malware (luckily, in the past Norton stopped & deleted a few freebies with malware I tried downloading as part of fixing my computer).    Be careful when you are downloading free tools from the internet – MOST of them contain viruses!  But running all of the ones listed above (Trend, MalwareBytes, Spybot) will pretty much get rid of most junk on your computer.

So Norton stopped attacks on my computers, while MalwareBytes & SpyBot fixed some of the stuff even Norton couldn’t detect.   The Trend Micro USA downloads fixed the remainder of the problems, like my laptop not being able to connect to Internet Explorer, bur working OK with Mozilla FireFox.   All but Norton AntiVirus are free & can be downloaded from the internet.

angella raisian free anti-virus programsIf your computer still works, download these programs as a precaution & run them once in a while.   Once you have them on the C: drive, you can always boot up in Safe Mode & run the anti-virus files from the Desktop.  If your computer is already corrupted, follow the steps below:

  1. Boot up in Safe Mode with Networking (Ethernet cable plugged in)
  2. Start / Run / %temp% – delete all temp files
  3. Delete temp internet files, cookies, history
  4. Download & install/run:

Any of you guys use other free PC repair products that work?

Good luck,


P.S.  Here’s a tip – Any time you download an .EXE program, run an Anti-Virus program on it before executing it.   You can do that by right-clicking on the .EXE file, then selecting “Scan for Viruses”.   If you don’t have that option, load MalwareByes on your PC & select “Scan with MalwareBytes” when you right-click on the file.

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4 Responses to “FREE Anti-Virus and Malware Programs That Worked For Me!”

  1. Megan McGinnis Says:

    You have saved the day! Even the final tip in the PS about screening your .exe files is priceless.

    YOU ARE A TREASURE! Thanks for taking the time to inform us for free and share your expertise. Where do you get all this extra time?? By not working on your taxes, I suppose.

    Truly, many thanks.

  2. Megan McGinnis Says:

    OK Friends in need:

    This another program that’s free that found the 24 terrible virus inhabiting my home:

    BTW Hi Jack, referenced above, is a very specialized anit-virus that you should not attempt alone. It requires the help of a professional to determine the bad stuff. You can really mess up your computer if you delete files that your computer needs to run.

    Thanks again, Angella.
    Megan McGinnis

  3. Megan Says:

    Here’s another site I just discovered:

  4. Alan Ramirez Says:

    Thanks Agnella, my computer was life support :) well done!

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