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March 15, 2010


Hello everyone, and welcome to my new Internet TV show, at  We’re a group of friends who joined forces in a quest to become Super Affiliates, under the mentorship of a Super Affiliate, and a Social Media Expert, “Rocking” Mike Ballantyne.

So we decided to call ourselves Mike’s Rocking Angels, and Mike agreed to take us under his wing and guide us through what it takes to become a Super Affiliate, as well as make a full-time income online.  In this blog we will go in detail over how to plan an online business, build a blog, integrate it with the Social Media and Bookmarking sites on the internet,and best of all – how to start making money with your blog!

Rocking Angels Angella RaisianWe will record every step of our journey in the blog so that you can follow us, learn from us, and give us feedback along the way. Copy our successes and learn from our mistakes, and we will all make money on this journey to “Internet Riches”.    Soon, we will all know how to make full-time income, on the internet, doing part-time work.   We want you to succeed and become part of our Affiliate network, AKA “Tribe”.  The most successful Affiliate Marketers are not the ones with the largest Buyer’s lists, but rather the ones with the  largest Affiliate networks, and we want you to succeed so that we can form our own Super Affiliate network.  Everyone on our Opt-In list will have an option to share their information with the rest of the Tribe, so that we can all support and cross-promote for each other.

We’re as a diverse of a group of friends as you will ever find. You will have to figure out “who is who” by watching the videos and following our journey on, but here are some interesting facts about us:

  • Our team consists of 4 different nationalities – an American, a Canadian, a Colombian, and a Latvian
  • The combination of professions between all of us is as follows: an engineer, a Vice President, a Real Estate Broker, four business owners (this is a giveaway), a mother, a couple of landlords, and a day-trading expert

If you can’t wait to find out who we are, go to the About Us page of  And please keep tuning into our Rocking Angels TV show, so that we can all learn how to make some serious money online, together.

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