10 Steps To Success In Real Estate

February 5, 2010


10 Steps To Success In Real Estate

Make Cash in RE

  1. Write a business plan to outline your path to success
  2. Ensure that it includes SMART goals and SWOT analysis
  3. Choose ONE or TWO acquisition and exit strategies
  4. Become master of these strategies i.e. MASTER the BASICS
  5. Avoid being sidetracked by any other opportunities
  6. Thoroughly research any market before entering it
  7. STAY FOCUSED on your plan and goals
  8. Think LONG TERM
  9. Expect set backs and learn from them how to strengthen your biz
  10. Learn from Investors who are currently succeeding in your market
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One Response to “10 Steps To Success In Real Estate”

  1. Adm Says:

    I do hope our dear listeners learn poitsive things from our group efforts as well other than the information that is being passed in our programs: that how a group of students start an effort, be it a chorus group or radio, only with their good intentions and on their own free time, and they manage to work together for so long, so nicely without disrespecting each other for their mistakes. I hope our audience notice these things as well rather than focusing only on our mistakes (which we sure would like to know about). There certainly is a more subtle and less sarcastic language that can be used in pointing out our mistakes, which I think will also be more effective and help us all learn from each other .

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