Areas To Invest: High-Speed Rail Through Palmdale, Ca

January 30, 2010

Residential and General

We’ve been talking about the Antelope Valley area (Lancaster/Palmdale – click HERE) being one of the best ones to invest in SoCal, and below is another reason to add why many of us have been investing in that area for years.

The plans for the high-speed rail network will create over 200,000 new jobs between Bakersfield, Palmdale, and Los Angeles:

President Barack Obama will announce on Thursday $8 billion in grants to develop the first U.S. high-speed, intercity rail service the White House says will create or save thousands of jobs.

Obama is heading to Tampa, Florida, after delivering his State of the Union address Wednesday night in which he promised Americans that job creation would be his top priority this year, in the face of stubborn double-digit unemployment.

The grants will help fund the development of 13 high-speed “rail corridors” across the country, the White House said.

Take a look at the maps, and decide where you want to buy…

Hi-Speed Rail Areas To Invest CA

Hi-Speed Rail Areas To Invest

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2 Responses to “Areas To Invest: High-Speed Rail Through Palmdale, Ca”

  1. Delia Says:

    Very good and informative post. I am always looking for alternative investment ideas! Keep the great information coming!

  2. Angella Says:

    Multitple streams of income are important, and Real Estate is one of them. Buying at the bottom of the market, in the most volatile areas, is the best way to invest in my opinion. They come down a lot, and they go up just as much :-)

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