Top 10 Commercial Real Estate Experts on Twitter

January 26, 2010

Commercial Real Estate

From my friend’s Megan McGinnis’ blog (http://MeganMcGinnis)  – thanks for compiling the list Megan!  Follow these Commercial Real Estate Experts on Twitter and learn from them…

1. Duncan C. Wierman | ( DuncanWierman on Twitter )  — Software CEO turned Real Estate Investor / Marketer. I show you how to use creative online marketing methods to do more deals online. Virtual Investing

2. mike warren | ( mikewarren129 on Twitter ) — Helping people make money by helping others. Real Estate Investing Training – $13,571/month without Tenants, Toilets or Headaches Stopping Foreclosuretwitter

3. Omar Burgos | ( OmarBurgos on Twitter ) — Inspired Often. Big Thinker! You find me at Small Business & Real Estate Events sharing Secrets on How To Become Irresistible to Clients & Make Money using Social Media! Purple Heart Veteran. Guitar Hero!

4. scott young | ( draz211 on Twitter ) — A free list of foreclosed homes in the us no charge all free no scam

5. JW Reed Jr | ( WealthEvite on Twitter ) — Attraction Marketing! Associate w/ those that believe in themselves. No time for those creating excuses! ~ Small Biz Top Marketing Tool ~ Direct Funder for B2B Vendor Funding Factoring / Accounts Receivable

6. JW Najarian | ( jwnajarian on Twitter ) — Commercial Real Estate Professional, Humanitarian, Social Business Developer, Open Networker, aPriori Beauty Founder and Independent Consultant, Life Lover

7. Commercial RE CRE | ( crepigsite on Twitter ) — Commercial Real Estate – Promote your Project, Service, Product Find or Provide Funding for CRE or other Projects

8. Ken Spohn | ( wholesalexpert on Twitter ) — I have involved in over 100 Residential and Commercial Real Estate transaction my primary focus is Wholesaling Properties

9. Andy Nathan | ( andynathan on Twitter ) — Real Estate Investor, Social Media Enthusiast, and Entrepreneur. Learn How to Succeed on Social Media.

10. ApartmentLender | ( lenderapartment on Twitter ) — Apartment, lender, Senior Housing, Healthcare, Lender FHA, FNMA, Freddie Mac, Loan, Commercial Real Estate, CRE

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